Romania - On the traces of Dracula

Language Rumanian
Capital Bucharest
Government Republic
Area 238.391 km²
Population 19.870.000
Currency Leu
Independenca May 9th 1877
Callng Code +40

Romania borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova. The seemingly un-spoilt landscapes of this country are still largely untouched and wonderful destination for fans of nature and wilderness! The home of Dracula is full of opportunities for exciting outdoor activities and trips to remote regions where bears and wolves can also be found. The beautiful capital Bucharest, the "Paris of the East", which suffered a lot during World War II and under the dictatorship, still has a lot to tell today. The excellent flight connections from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to many Romanian cities ensure a relaxed arrival. Let yourself be impressed by the medieval towns of Transylvania and the untouched landscapes. Of course, a visit to the castles and palaces is not to be missed! The most famous one is the "Dracula" castle Bran near Brasov; a bit of creepiness is part of it!

In contrast to the idyllic life in the countryside, Bucharest, the pulsating capital, offers many architecturally interesting buildings and numerous shopping opportunities. Bucharest welcomes its visitors from May to September with a Mediterranean-influenced climate. The nightlife here is fun, and a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities provide a glimpse into the lives of the locals. During the day, 37 museums, 18 art galleries and several parks invite you to linger and marvel at the buildings from the Belle Époque, which not only inspire architecture fans! The Romanian Athenaeum (concert hall), National Art Museum, Cantacuzino Palace, Military Club and Patriarchal Palace fascinate with their diverse history and cultural offerings!

Centrally located in Romania and well served by three international airports and an extensive rail network, Transylvania is the most popular region in Romania. Some of the most beautiful medieval towns can be found here, such as Brasov with its Saxon architecture and the Bran Castle, which is not far away. Near Brasov you will also find Harman and Prejmer, places where beautiful medieval buildings enchant visitors. At 120km from Sibiu, there is a city with cobblestone streets and pretty pastel-colored houses, where the 15th century castle Corvin lies. You are guaranteed an unforgettable ambience!

The Carpathians, known from the legends and fairy tales of vampires and werewolves, captivate with their wild beauty, with many waterfalls and rivers running through stony landscape. More than 12000 still partly explored caves, make you curious about the "underworld"...

In Sighisoara you will find the most beautiful medieval townscape in the country, this is a famous film set! Sighisoara's unique city fortress on the hill with its secret passages lures the curious visitor into the depths of the castle. A visit to the birthplace of Vlad Dracul is a must here! Cluj-Napoca is the largest city in the region.

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