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Experience the versatility of Albania.Enjoy the dreamlike beaches, visit the numerous places of interest or hike in the unique nature!Albania expects you!

Bosnia & Herzegovina

A paradise for lovers of nature and culture. This is Bosnia-Herzegovina - a nice country, with a moved history. Vacation in Bosnia-Herzegovina? This is not comparably with holidays in boring hotel complexes, but rather with travelling in the reality of an impressive country which works busily on his reconstruction.Just now the touristically still widely undiscovered region between Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia is a real confidential tip.


Bulgaria - one of the latest members of the EU expects you.Discover the wonderful mountain landscape in the west of the country with the Pirin mountains and the new top skiing area Bansko, the capital Sofia, one of the numerous UNESCO-protected places or take it easy on the coast of the Black Sea.


This is the history of a country of thousand islands, from a miraculous nature, from a rich history and from big personalities which have enrolled Croatia for good with big characters in the map of the world with her works.This is the history of a country whose beauty was already sung long ago.


Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula, east of the southern Europe. It has extensive coastlines and many islands. Greece is famous for its ancient culture, which had a considerable influence on Western society.


Kosovo represents numerous ethnic and religious directions from different centuries, in sum it proves a mosaic in cultures.


Macedonia offers to you as a holiday country simply everything... Enchanting nature and unique culture.Experience the young republic with a tour, as a vacationer in the Ohrid lake or as a skier in one of our numerous skiing areas!


Crystal clear water, luminous rocks, wonderful beaches, impressive mountain massifs, summits which touch the sky, even more you will find amusing lakes and rivers, breathtaking canyons, untouched nature and hearty hospitality - all that in Montenegro!


Romania borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova. The seemingly un-spoilt landscapes of this country are still largely untouched and wonderful destination for fans of nature and wilderness!


The country between the east and west with varied population, different cultures, religions and climate kinds offers an unbelievable spectrum of beauty spots. Rivers and brooks wind with her watercourses on about 50,000 kilometres through the country. Not only mountains, rivers and lakes stamp the landscape. In Serbia one finds even wild scenery and one of the last primeval forests of Europe.