Language Croatian
Capital Zagreb
Government Republic
Area 56.542 km²
Population 4.489.000
Currency Croatian Kuna
Independence 8. October 1991
Calling Code +385

This is the story of a country of the thousand islands, a wonderful nature, a rich heritage and great personalities that have forever inscribed Croatia with their works with big letters on the world map. This is the story of a country whose Schönheit Sung long ago. Croatia was always a real inspiration room: Cassiodorus has written about the heavenly life of the patrician on its shores, Dante, who wrote his immortal verses in view of the epic images of the azure sea, George Bernard Shaw, who here has found paradise on Earth. The list could go on indefinitely.When you visit the continental part of Croatia, which connects the central part of the country, the Dalmatian coast Lika - Karlovac tourist region, they are a little bit closer the answer. Probably is reflected, this phenomenon that attracts by its uniqueness as well as by the effect on the mental and physical well-being beauty through the National Park Plitvice Lakes. National Park of Northern Velebit is an area of extraordinary diversity of karst phenomena, the richness of life and exceptional natural beauty in a relatively small space.The Zadar region is the northernmost part of Dalmatia, the welcome gate for those arriving from the North Adriatic. Full of contrasts, rich in historical heritage and beautiful nature. The intense colors, especially the harmony of the intense blue of the sea, which is directly down to the sea the dark green pine trees or olive trees herabsenken are the first and perhaps most intense experience of this area. All must surrender even the white Dalmatian stone which touches the coast or even crushed form forms the gravel beaches, attracting numerous tourists...

The Šibenik waters are a paradise for boaters. Each of the 240 islets and reefs offers something interesting in its wild beauty of white Karst stone in the blue, crystal-clear sea. If you want to meet the best-known Korallenfischer on the Adriatic coast drive, to the island Zlarin, and if you are interested in harvesting marine sponges, please visit the island of Krapanj. If you want to experience something unique but, go down to the sea and discover the Kornat Islands.

The only about 50 kilometers of away from each other national parks differ from the ground up. National Park Kornati is an archipelago consisting of 89 Islands, reefs and rocks of unique beauty (in total there are 152), which offers a real pleasure boaters and triggers enthusiasm, but because of the steep cliffs at the same time AWE. In addition the infamous writer Bernard Shaw wrote completely enchanted: "On the last day of creation, wanted to put God on the Crown his work and created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath." The National Park Krka is the Krka River full of Rocky barriers, waterfalls and lakes, which with its breathtaking beauty visitors are among the most popular subjects for viewing cards from Croatia.

Dubrovnik, the Centre of the southern Dalmatian region and their best-known representatives is the star of the prestigious world renowned magazines and leads the list of the most beautiful cities in the world. Artists, members of Royal families and global Jetsetter come every year to visit and looking for inspiration. Dubrovnik belongs to them, but also all those who have once visited. It's simple, Dubrovnik and connect same threads after the first visit...

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