Albania´s coast

Language Albanian
Capital Tirana
Government Republic
Area 28.748 km²
Population 3.170.048
Currency Albanian Lek
Independence 28.11.1912
Calling Code +355

The Albanian coast lies opposite the south Italian shoreline and is just a few kilometres distant from the Greek island of Corfu. However, it is still "terra incognita" on the map of most European holidaymakers. And yet, this over 450 kilometre long region is an absolute holiday paradise offering, as well as relaxing sunbathing, a wide variety of opportunities for active and adventure holidays. In the north, the neighbouring beaches of Durres und Golem are the most popular and best developed. The 45 km² Karavasta Lagoon in central Albania is the largest lagoon in the country and one of the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The "Albanian Riviera", as the southern coastline between Vlora and Saranda on the Ionic Sea is known by the locals, offers miles of secluded beaches. The Llogara Pass, at a height of 1,000 metres, in the northern end of the region is the gateway to the Riviera and offers breathtaking views along the coast towards the south.

Albania´s world cultural heritage

Once a Greek colony, Apollonia experienced its heyday during Roman times. The ruins of the ancient city are spread across a complete hill. On wandering along the old paths, visitors are particularly impressed by the antique theatre and the ruins of the Town Hall. In 1992 the UNESCO designated the archaeological finds at Butrint in the south-west with buildings from Greek, Roman and early Christian times as a world heritage site. The city is picturesquely situated on a peninsula in Butrint Lake which is connected to the sea by a short channel and Corfu seems almost near enough to touch. Albania´s second UNESCO world heritage site is the city of Gjirokastra with buildings dating back to the Osmanian era, also known as the City of Stone or the City of a Thousand Steps.

The wonders of nature in Albania

Breathtaking scenery, crystal clear rivers, lush vegetation with medicinal herbs, clean, healthy air, far away from the hustle and bustle of civilisation, that is the Theth National Park, located in the midst of the 2,700 metre Albanian Alps in the north. The Theth Valley is a dream-come-true for independent tourists who wish to turn their backs on civilisation for a while. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the Albanian Alps and offers wonderful opportunities for walking, trekking and mountain biking fans.

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