Language Bulgarian
Capital Sofija
Government Republic
Area 110.994 km²
Population 7.606.000
Currency Bulgarian Lev
Independence 22.09.1908
Calling Code +359

The Republic of Bulgaria is located in South-East Europe. In the North it borders on Republic of Romania, in the East on the Black Sea in the South of the Republic of Turkey and the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia to the West.

Bulgarian objects on the list of the world - heritage under UNESCO protection.

The tomb of Kazanlyk. This tomb dates from the time of the 1220–1271 century BC The frescos in the Grabkamer and corridor have extremely high artistic value. It is located on the Hill "Tuelbeto", close to the city Kazanlyk.

The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo. This is named after the "Holy Archangel Mikhail" consisting of partially preserved churches, a monastery complex. The frescos in the Church "Holy Mother of God" be as some of the beteutendsten achievements of Bulgarian art of the middle ages by XІV. Century appreciated. You are East of the village of Ivanovo 20 klm from the Syadt Russian, in the rocks of the nature park "Russian ski LOM".

The Church of Boyana - possesses unique wall paintings from 1259 year belonging to the treasures of European mittelalterrischen works. Located klm from Centre of the city of Sofia (residential Boyana), at the foot of the Vitosha Mountains 8 about.

The rider from Madara - a rock relief (rock relief on the North of the northern part of the plateau at Prowadia Hank) at a height of 23 m. This is the most important work of the mono fundamental art in the era of the early Middle Ages, a unique of European cultural history. Located in the village of Madara, approx. 16 klm away from the town of Shumen.

The Rila Monastery - the largest monastery complex in Bulgaria which has extraordinary architectural and artistic qualities. It was in the x. century built in the XІІІ. -XІV. Century rebuilt in the XІІІ. -XІV. Century in a cultural center.

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